Primary Grade Presentations

Each session is 45 minutes in length. The session involves reading from George’s picture books, talking about animated shows he has worked on, making up silly stories or poems using key words from the audience, question and answer time about cartoons, books, how he comes up with ideas or anything. There are no silly questions.

Junior/Intermediate/High School presentations

Session length is 1 hour. Each session begins with a brief introduction about George’s history in animation and writing. Next is a process discussion about where George gets his ideas from and what happens next. How he takes an idea from the seed concept to a finished manuscript. The discussion will include recurring themes that interest him, how he develops a world, how he develops characters, the difference between conceptual (outside-in writing) and intuitive (inside-out writing) and the importance of each (creative integration).

Other topics that may be covered include, animation, the power of visual storytelling, color coding your manuscript, writing tips to keep motivated, how not to blow your own mind, and the importance of critiques, critique groups and tricks for self-critiquing.

There is a longer question and answer period at the end.

George Elliott is represented by Jennifer De Chiara of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in New York City.

Elliott Animation does not accept any unsolicited creative materials.

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