The Creative Mind

To the creative mind, a flower is not just a flower. It is a marvel of design, color, mathematical elegance, embedded pattern and harmonious contrast. It is functional, beautiful and an integral part of our ecosystem.

An insect is not just a pest to be feared or crushed. It is a marvel of bio-mechanical engineering, a miracle of adaptation and specialization in an impossibly beautiful marriage of function with form.

A cloudy sky is not just a portent of rain. It is an infinite alien landscape, a thousand exotic worlds ripe with possibility, a magical menagerie of enchanted creatures, mythological beasts and rainbows.

To the creative mind, an ant hill is a world, a tree is a galaxy, and a pond is a universe. Creative minds see things not only as they are, but as they could be, and sometimes, as they should be.

The trappings of excess provide little contentment to the creative mind. Mostly, contentment comes with a means to express and a canvas upon which to capture. Everything else is window dressing.

The creative mind is happiest when it is exploring and discovering. The end is rarely the true goal, it is the journey itself, and the journey is forever. Once the creative mind ceases to explore, it ceases to be creative.

The creative mind is everywhere and not just in the arts and entertainment industry. All humans are encoded with tremendous creative capacity and potential to connect, yet life and conditioning sometimes leads us to atrophy.

We owe it to ourselves and each other to discover or perhaps remember what a great pleasure it is to watch the organized chaos of an ant hill, to walk through the forest, to observe with wonder the flight of a butterfly, to study the fractal movement of water, and to experience the infinite variety and splendor in nature’s playground.

Creativity enables those of us who embrace it to fully appreciate the “simple” things in life, knowing they are not simple at all.

And sometimes, all it takes to reignite the creative side of our brain is to observe more closely than we are accustomed to, and consider the magnificence of what is before us.

The world is an art gallery, a museum, a garden of eternal delight.

We should endeavor to get to know it in our lifetime.