I just saw Age of Ultron...for the first time.

If you are into eye candy as I am, this is worth seeing twice.

Yes, there are a lot of characters. Yes, it is probably confusing if you are not up to speed on all the Marvel characters. Yes, it is stuffed full of so many one-liners you might suspect it was written by a stand-up comedian. Yes, it tries to stuff a romance into wall to wall action. Yes, it spends about 5 seconds developing a new potentially awesome main character only to, in classic Joss Whedon style - have him killed off in the performance of an act of heroism, and yes, it routinely defies logic, physics and the laws of diminishing returns.

What is your point?

For 12 dollars, I just watched a pretty much flawless visual extravaganza of action, futuristic technology (as designed by some of the world’s top artists), a muscle-bound, green, behemoth battling it out bare-knuckles and literally, fist to fist against a man with a severe health problem inside a power-suit, then stuffed inside yet another, bigger power-suit. (Like a cyborg turducken, Tony Stark is the dude inside the robot dude disguised as another robot dude!) I just watched a menacing but cool looking villain robot with flex-metal lips deliver a slew of pretty decent one-liners, many of which poked a finger right in the eye of some of Marvel’s intrinsically silly underlying concepts (such as using the world’s strongest metal to make a Frisbee and the inherent illogic of “worthiness”). I saw a very unique (and sure, silly, but again, who cares?) weapon/idea used to almost blow up the world. I saw a cool battle in a forest, an army of evil Iron Men, a scene that I can only assume must be at least subliminally inspired by Rock’ em, Sock ‘em Robots and enough explosions and high tech gear and holographic computer screens displaying advanced fake math and physics mumbo-jumbo to satisfy my deepest geek cravings.

Story and character development? Plenty for this kind of a movie. It can’t be easy to jam as much into 2 hours as Joss Whedon managed to do and still have a (mostly) cohesive film.

If you are as old as me you will remember watching Star Wars, Logan’s Run, Tron (original), Jason and The Argonauts and countless other special effects films and being blown away by the visuals if not the story. Well, Avengers: Age of Ultron brings back those kinds of experiences for me, only the effects are orders of magnitude better. So, rather than trying to pick the film apart, I just sat back, ate some buttered popcorn with a huge smile on my face and enjoyed the heck out of it. And I plan to do so again.

And to those of you who criticize the movie for not following the comics to a tee, I say this: Marvel changes their characters’ attributes, history and storylines all the time in their comics. So read the comics and enjoy them, by all means. I do. But when an event film like this comes out, thank your lucky stars to be alive in a day and age where reality can be bent to the will of artists, writers and film makers to this extent. Its magic, folks. Scarlet Witch-level magic.  So forget the comics for a couple hours and watch this movie. I think you’ll enjoy it, too.